Sad Shelter Dog Whose Only Friend Was This Elephant Toy Learns That He And His Toy Are Getting New Home

Smokey, a rescue dog, will not leave the house unless he has his elephant toy with him. His previous owners were unable to care for the dog because they had lost their home.

The 5-year-old puppy was given to the Franklin County Dog Shelter & Adoption Center on Valentine’s Day, along with his favorite toy “so that he can find comfort” in it. Smokey is so smitten with his plush gray elephant with pink ears that his kennel posted a sign demanding that he and the elephant be adopted together.

Smokey’s stay at the shelter was made better by the elephant. Smokey, who appeared fearful and worried, took a few somber weeks off from playing with the toy. Smokey was supposed to be put down in March…

Then two volunteers from the I Have A Dream Rescue Organization arrived one day. They fell in love with Smokey right away and agreed to find him a foster home.

The puppy can’t stop smiling now that he’s found a new home. “He was depressed and sleeping with his elephant until [volunteer] started talking to him,” said Melissa Sutherland, treasurer of I Have A Dream. “It’s incredible what rescue does for pets.”

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