True dog lovers will never learn how to properly say goodbye to their beloved pet. The goodbye moment is never easy, and coping with emptiness after they leave you is probably the hardest part.

Even though the retirement of K9 dogs is not necessarily a bad thing, as those dogs generally go to a loving home to spend their well-deserved retirement, parting ways with them is the nightmare of handlers.

As The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office welcomed new service dogs to their ranks, another one just ended its last shift. K9 Tek and his handler, Lieutenant Taylor Nehls, had to part ways as Tek reached his well-deserved retirement.

Tek’s Career Started In 2017

Tek was officially welcomed at the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office, Wisconsin, as the third K9 unit in 2017. He and his handler, Nehls, were sworn in for duty, and from that day, they became inseparable partners.

Their mission was not just to be a “reactive force,” but to “be active in the community.” Their job, among other things, was also to “reach out to children and teach them about drugs and alternative life choices,” according to Sheriff Dale Schmidt.

And, indeed, they did all of that. They served the Dodge community well for almost six years, with over three-hundred deployments together.

Over 300 Deployments And Almost 100 Arrests

Tek was truly a good boy. Together with his partner, Nehls, he wasn’t just engaged in over 300 deployments, but he was also a protagonist in almost one-hundred arrests. These impressive numbers were confirmed over the final radio call he got on his last day of service.

“Thank you, Tek, for serving the citizens of Dodge County with over 98 arrests, 314 deployments, and carrying the safety of our deputies and other agencies each and every shift. And, making sure your partner went home safely every night.”

This was an extremely emotional moment for his handler who was hardly controlling his tears. In a way, it was as if Tek knew that this was his last day, as he was in line with his handler’s emotions, snuggling up against his face and giving him wet, yet emotional kisses.

Officially, Tek served the Sheriff’s Office for five and a half years, otherwise known as thirty eight and a half dog years, which is quite amazing. 

He made sure his work buddy got home safe every night, and today, he completed that mission!

Tek Stays In The Family

The good news is that Tek stays in the family! He will be spending his retirement days in Wisconsin around his loving handler, lieutenant Nehl, and his amazing family! 

They already adapted to this German pooch years ago, which is why adapting Tek to a new family life won’t be a problem at all!

Happy Retirement, Tek! You Were A Good Police Boy!

Nehls and Tek’s reaction to the final radio call was adorable and the video soon went viral, touching the hearts of many people all over the world. 

The last part of the call was especially moving:

“You can now take your well-deserved rest, chase rabbits instead of bad guys, and enjoy your well-deserved belly rubs and back scratches.”

Well done, Tek! We hope that the family life will suit you perfectly and that your future adventures won’t be any less entertaining! Rest well, good boy!

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