Heartbreaking Scene of Dog Diagnosed with Four Terrible Diseases Lying Helplessly on the Ground Evokes Tears

Rocco, a puppy found in serious condition on the side of a road in Seville three weeks ago, was saved and brought to our hospital for immediate care. He was infected with four deadly diseases: leptospirosis, anaplasmosis, leishmaniasis, and filariasis, also known as heartworm sickness. Since his arrival at our hospital, Rocco’s health has significantly improved, and we are pleased to present you with an update that we are confident you will enjoy.

We can’t help but be grateful for the work of animal rescue organizations like ours as we see Rocco recuperate. We are Spain, a rescue and rehabilitation group for animals. We save animals who have been abandoned, mistreated, and abused by humans and do not deserve to live. We publish our animal rescue efforts on YouTube and Facebook, showing how we save the animals, take them to the hospital, and treat them so they can recover.

Our videos are simple, but they have moved millions of people worldwide. The public’s response has been fantastic, inspiring us to continue protecting animals in need. But, like many other animal rescue organizations, we are struggling to make ends meet.

This year has been especially trying for us. As a result of Ukraine’s ongoing conflict, which is having a significant impact on European economies, families are struggling to make ends meet. Many people have stopped donating to us and other groups, making it harder for us to care for the animals in our care. Because we care about these animals, we will continue to rescue and rehabilitate them.

We are aware that many of our supporters have been with us for more than a decade and are also struggling. It is tough for us to request your assistance, but we must do it for the sake of the creatures who need it. We must take care of them, but we cannot do so alone. Please consider giving a small donation to our charity. We can continue to make a difference and save more lives with your help.

We recognize that times are difficult and that many individuals may be unable to donate. There are, however, alternative ways to help. You may assist us by sharing our films on social media, informing your friends and family about our organization, and volunteering your time in any manner you can.

Every animal we rescued serves as a reminder of the need of animal rescue organizations. We have seen firsthand how much of a difference we can make in the lives of animals when we have the right resources and help. Our rescued animals are more than just animals; they are sentient creatures in need of love, care, and respect.

Rocco’s recovery demonstrates that by working together, we can save lives against insurmountable odds. We are grateful for your assistance and hope that you will continue to help us in our efforts to better the lives of animals in need.

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