+ Instances When People Shared Unusual Things That Captivated Our Interest

“My apartment, which was renovated from a jailhouse used in the 1800s”

© idontcaresupriseme / Reddit

3. “I have tentacles under my tongue — apparently not everyone does.”

© SligPants / Reddit

4. “X-Ray from when I broke my arm in 2008.”

© Firmly_Grasp_It / reddit

5. “I have only 4 fingers on my left hand, and have an index finger instead of a thumb.”

© evan4765 / Reddit

6. “I came across this hexagon/pentagon structured mushroom.”

© ZaydMenk / Reddit

7. “Found this guy on my walk to work.”

© meet-me-in-the-mud / Reddit

8. “Sometimes people stop in the middle of a conversation to stare at my eye. Wonder why.”

© Nira_kawaii / reddit

9. “Me, face to face with a moose”

© kiwi_-zen- / Reddit

10. “I saw a pool inside a living room today.”

© magicmeese / Reddit

11. “Not one, but 2 DUCKNANAS”

© donairthot / Reddit

12. “A ‘zombie spider’… half-dead, half-alive which can crawl around. Found in my basement.”

© unknown / reddit

13. “There’s one red hair amongst my black hair in my beard.”

© peteskees / Reddit

14. “My Venus Flytrap uses all its energy to make 200 mouths instead of growing big.”

© penboiyi / reddit

15. “I found a whole box of aliens at Goodwill today.”

© AnaisInJune / Reddit

16. “Typical cat”

© PikabuBoy / Reddit

17. “So, this exists!”

© soopirV / Reddit

18. “Started work this morning… felt something furry in my ear, looked and there is a bat in my headset.”

© soulhacler / reddit

19. “Forbidden chicken tendies.”

© PianoCharged / Reddit

20. “Stuffed gorilla that has faces as feet”

© ReeserCups / Reddit

21. “I got 5 double yolks in a row.”

© read_it948 / Reddit

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