Kate Beckinsale Shares Heartfelt News of Stepfather’s Passing at 87 Following Short Illness

Sad news, folks. Kate Beckinsale, the actress, is feeling really sad because her stepdad, Roy Battersby, who was 87, passed away. She shared this on Instagram and said he got sick for a short time, and then he peacefully passed away on January 10, 2024, in Los Angeles, surrounded by family. The funeral will be in London.

Kate also posted some pictures and a video of her stepdad, along with a message saying she has no words right now. She thanks someone named @katebeckinsale_slovakia2 for making something beautiful and says she fought hard for her stepdad, expressing deep sorrow for losing him.

Roy Battersby was married to Kate’s mom, Judy Loe, and he was known for directing British TV dramas like Inspector Morse and A Touch of Frost. Kate’s announcement came after she shared photos of her family around a hospital bed on January 9, while she was still wearing her fancy Golden Globes gown. She also posted a single black square the next day.

In April, Kate celebrated Roy’s 87th birthday with a sweet post, calling him her dearest Roy and saying he’s a titan of all good things. She shared that he’s great at explaining things and even doing silly stuff for fun.

Sadly, Kate lost her dad, Richard Beckinsale, when she was just 5 years old. She remembered him in a post before, saying some years are tougher than others, and she urged people to cherish every moment with their loved ones.

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