Losing a dog to unknown circumstances is a devastating experience that no one can prepare you for. One day, he’s out there doing his regular doggo chores and being the happiest tail-wagging furrball in the world, and the very next day – he’s gone! 

This shocking moment struck Giorgi Bereziani, a man from Tbilisi, Georgia, when he found out that his loyal companion, Jorge, wasn’t around anymore! Giorgi spent years looking for his dog without any success until he finally got a life-changing call.

After Jorge’s Disappearance, Giorgi Did Everything To Track Him Down

Never in his dreams could Girogi imagine that he’d lose his buddy, Jorge. It was a difficult, heart-breaking day for this 67-year-old man when he realized that his furry buddy wasn’t around anymore. 

After the initial shock, Giorgi gathered himself and did everything in his power to help Jorge find his way home. He was putting up fliers all over the city, and combing the streets, but everything seemed like a lost cause.

He wasn’t alone in this quest, though. Giorgi had family members and a lot of friends helping him out, which made the whole situation easier for him. Still, with no signs of Jorge – Giorgi was feeling worse every single day.

Months Turned To Years With No Clue

Months of searching turned to years, and there was still no clue of Jorge. Even though everything seemed lost, Giorgi never lost hope that one day, he’d meet with his buddy again! Still, years went by, and no one in Giorgi’s family expected Jorge to come back home anymore.

But, then one day, three years after Jorge’s disappearance, the phone rang! Workers from an opera house in Tbilisi, Georgia, called Giorgi and said that the same-looking dog like his Jorge was wandering around the building. 

Jorge And Giorgi’s Emotional Reunion

Giorgi immediately got in the car and drove himself to the spot. He wasn’t sure that the dog laying near the opera house was Jorge, so he decided to step a little closer. When he finally approached him, he called him with the words: “Jorge, is that you?”

The dog instantly rose from the floor and started wagging his tail! When Giorgi addressed him again with the words: “Dear boy, how are you,” Jorge started crying with joy loudly, wrapping himself around Giorgi’s legs! 

Both the dog and the owner were so excited to finally meet each other after all those years, making this reunion heart-breaking for everybody who was around at that time! Jorge was fine, all throughout this time wandering in the streets, probably looking for his long-lost owner.

He had a tag on his ear, which meant that he was vaccinated by animal control, deemed harmless to society, and released back on the street.

The video of Giorgi reuniting with his dog soon went viral, getting thousands of reactions from all over the world! His long-lost buddy was finally on his way back home, and Giorgi couldn’t be happier!

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