Loyal dog passed away after sitting by the window every day for 11 years waiting for its owner to come home

For some pet owners, their furry companions are accustomed to waiting for them when they get home from work. Roman, an optometrist from Chicago, Illinois, is the owner of this medium-sized transportation company.

Roman often looks out the window as he enters the house after work since his dog Toby is typically waiting for him there.

For eleven years, this charming and dependable pattern persisted.

Roman, however, has recently encountered a really challenging situation. He lost Toby, his devoted dog of many years.

The happy puppy that was waiting for him before has disappeared from his window.

Even though Toby has been gone for some time, Roman still looks up at the window the moment he enters the house each day after work. He would no longer be able to observe his beloved pet from his window, hence it was all in vain.

14 years ago, when Toby and his dog first met, he was barely 2 years old.

Toby’s faeces in Roman’s living room when they first met made Roman conclude Toby was a brat. At originally, the two did not get along.

Smart Toby is an incredibly affectionate canine. He routinely participates in unpleasant and dishonest conduct in an attempt to grab Roman’s interest. Roman bemoans this and routinely disputes with Toby over petty topics.

Roman’s fiancée ultimately convinced him to let Toby go, imploring him to “simply treat Toby like a human kid.

As a consequence, Roman sought to adjust his behavior around Toby, but he was unprepared for the dog to behave similarly, as if he knew.

After some time, Toby and Roman got close, and their closeness went beyond that of a man and his engaged girlfriend.

Roman divorced his soon-to-be wife a few years later and transferred the home to Toby because he couldn’t bare to live without her.

Only Toby has been at Roman’s side over the years while his friends and family have changed.

Roman never felt lonely due of his years with Toby.

As an optician, Roman often puts in 8 to 10 hours every day. Toby gradually noticed how monotonous his job was.

He would lay by the window and wait for Roman to get home from work.

Toby jumps with pleasure as soon as he sees Roman’s vehicle arriving. Then, while waiting for Roman to answer the door, he bobbles his head.

Toby would be as delighted if Roman went for a small length of time and then resurfaced.

Every year, through the days and nights of spring, summer, autumn, and winter, the waiting has remained.

Toby waits for his master to come home every year.

Toby is a terrific dog in Roman’s eyes and will never be replaced. He gets along with people well and is pleasant, especially to youngsters.

Unfortunately, Toby had dilated cardiomyopathy, was ill, and had had a number of procedures. He undergone three significant surgeries before being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and renal failure in October 2018.

Toby’s body had grown so weak by February 2019 that he could no longer swallow.

Roman and his companions bade Toby goodbye as they didn’t want him to go through any more misery. He made the choice to take Toby for euthanasia at the vet.

Toby has been assumed to be dead for a very long time.

Roman’s propensity to look out the window, nonetheless, was inescapable. He got the sensation that Toby was always present and never missing.

Toby purchased Roman the nicest companion someone could hope for in an attempt to make his life as cheerful and colorful as possible. Toby resembles every other fuzzy infant in this area quite a bit. Despite the fact that they may create troubles, they remain a companion.

They eventually turn into our closest friends and, in some situations, even our family.

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