Man Constructs a Portable Bed for His 16-Year-Old Dog to Enjoy Its Final Vacation

Tom Antonino lives in Georgia, United States, with his wife and dog Cocoa. This family enjoys visiting the Virginia Beach Pier, which has become a family tradition for many years. Cocoa, a 16-year-old Chesapeake Retriever, lost her ability to move about easily, so her father decided to make her a movable bed so she could enjoy her final beach trip.

Cocoa’s family was determined to give her a normal life in her final days. That’s when Tom had the wonderful idea of making a handcrafted mobile bed to transfer their pet dog to their favorite area with ease and comfort.

CREDIT: Facebook/ Carrie Copenhaver

Cocoa’s father, Tom, told WTKR, a local news station:

“My wife and I devised a technique to take her on a walk using a motorized vine and other such devices. We had a rope and a bed, so we assembled everything and transported it.”

CREDIT: Facebook/ Carrie Copenhaver

Tom and his wife Lauren rushed to take Cocoa to the Virginia Beach oceanfront to see the sunset after they completed building the mobile bed.

CREDIT: Facebook/ Carrie Copenhaver

Carrie Copenhaver stopped the pair and snapped images of them, which then later shared on her Facebook account.

The lady wrote:

“A few weeks back, Mike and I were riding our bikes along the boardwalk when we saw this man walking beside his beloved cat.”

Carrie continued:

“She’s not very adept with her legs, so she drags this bed she created to enjoy the beach smell.”

CREDIT: Facebook/ Carrie Copenhaver

Tom, who has no social media accounts, had no idea that his photo with Cocoa would become global.

CREDIT: Facebook/ Carrie Copenhaver

Unfortunately, Tom and his wife’s thoughtful gesture toward Cocoa was one of their final excursions together; the dog perished long after that nice stroll. However, Tom claims that his particular bond with Cocoa will last forever.

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