No, I’m not joking. And, I’m not thinking of his buddy, Pluto, either.

Mickey Mouse is real and I have proof! 

The all-time favorite cartoon character has been with us for 94 years. Ever since Steamboat Willy first aired, Mickey became a beloved hero of both adults and kids. 

Now, I know you might think: Hold on… haven’t we all seen Mickey at Disney World? 

I hate to burst your bubble, but…


The real Mickey is right here and he’s going undercover as a fluffed-up canine.

The Undercover Disney Dog

Actually, there’s one more thing I didn’t tell you about this secret, real-life Mickey Mouse.

He is a she.

Mickey is a girl, and her name is Goma. 

Yes, that’s Japanese… thank you for noticing, and it stands for sesame seed. 

Goma is a wonderful 9-year-old Maltese and Papillon mix. This stunning combination resulted in a lovely, light-colored coat, with gray ears that are super fluffed up. 

But, that’s not the only thing that makes her appearance special.

Goma’s ears are as round as Mickey Mouse’s! 

See, I told you she’s the real life Mickey! 

It all started back in April 2016, when Goma’s owners created her Instagram account. They did it just for fun, and started posting pics of dressed-up Goma.

It didn’t take too long for this pup to get in the spotlight. The fashion Bible of the far East, Korean Vogue, featured Goma on their Instagram page. Goma’s photos went viral within a few hours, and you know the rest of the story.

Pup gets spotted, pup becomes famous, pup earns a huge fan base.

Yup, that’s exactly what happened to Goma. 

This sweet pooch loves posing for the camera, and her pawrents couldn’t more enjoy dressing her up in all kinds of outfits.

There’s one of her favorites – the watermelon dress…

Then, her floral yukata, or summer kimono… 

And, of course, her special birthday bandana!

Goma and her owners don’t miss an opportunity to snap great pics. 

Whether it’s just notifying their 100k followers on Instagram that they got Starbucks…

… or they’re going for a lovely bike ride.

Goma’s got the best of both worlds… the best of both parent breeds. Thanks to her Papillon background, Goma has got those magnificent ears that will surely land her a spot in one of the new Disney motion pictures!
Make sure you follow this angelic pup for your daily dose of unbelievable cuteness!

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