New Puppy Thanks Dad for choosing Him then drifts off to Sleep…!

That is so sweet…! Great way to go to sleep! 

So soothing cuddling with your furbaby

Thats awesome they are such a loving dog. mine sleeps with me and never lets me out of his sight!

For any pup in a new home, his surroundings can be [int.imidating]. That is why it is our job, as new parents, to acclimate our little angels by making them feel safe and loved.

One little fella was adopted into a loving family. The tiny puppy can be seen sitting next to Dad on the sofa. He’s not quite sure what to make of his new home. But one thing he knows for certain is that this human beside him is a stellar guy. He did choose him, after all. The puppy is sleepy and wants nothing more than to snuggle with his new father.

The puppy worms his way closer to Dad. He knows if he drifts off, this is the perfect spot. He rests his tiny head on Dad’s shoulder then appears to be whispering into his ear. The puppy gets comfy and before long, it’s snooze-ville. His puppy sweetness is off the charts! Dad plays it cool but you know he’s absolutely bursting with love.

this little fur baby, such a cutie pie “snuggled up to his new dad”. I’m so happy thanks to his new dad for choosing him into his forever home.

Soo adorable daddy and puppy. He’ll love you forever.

God bless you both

Bless Lots of happiness for two

Watch Awesome loving caring heart warming story in video bellow:

Sweet dreams precious puppy. You will have a wonderful life.
Because “you were chosen” and wanted!

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