Officer Adopts a Abandoned Dog He Rescued in the Rain

Police officers have hearts too.

Look at the difference between a healthy and happy dog and a po.or ch.ained unhappy one. Thank you Mr. Policeman…!

In a cold, rainy afternoon when NYPD Officer Michael Pascale first met Joey. He was driving his squad car through a public park when he spotted a small black dog huddled among the used nee.dles and br.oken bot.tles.

Upon closer inspection, Officer Pascale saw that the dog had a thick ch.ain aro.und his teth.ering him to a fence. Joey was soaking wet, shive.ring, and clearly a.ban.doned.
Pascale said: He’s just staring up at me. My first thought was I’ve got to get him out of here.

The animal-loving officer took Joey to the Animal Care Centers of NYC‘s shelter in Brooklyn. As he dried the grateful pup with a towel, he could feel a special bond beginning to form between them.

He sent his wife a photo of the pitiful pup via text. Her response was immediate: (Bring him home!) Just like that, the couple decided to adopt Joey — if they could get past one small hurdle.

The folks at the ACC informed Officer Pascale that Joey would have to remain under their care for a (ma.ndatory) 72-hour stray hold.
He came back the very next day — and the day after that. With each visit, they grew closer.

Finally, Pascale was free to officially adopt Joey. When the paperwork was complete, Joey was brought out to greet Pascale one last time.
As the ecstatic pup showered him with kisses, Then they headed home to begin their new life together.

Thank you for rescuing this sweet doggy, We will never understand how some people can be so co.ld and [a.bu.sive] to them….whoever did that should be shown the same tre.atment.

You are a good person and now a lucky one because you will get a lifetime of unconditional love and loyalty from your new pal.

Happy this innocent sweet pup found a loving forever home.

Soooo happy to c that this baby has a great home…They r the sweetest dogs ever…!

May God bless this man for caring for this sweet dog! 

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