Owner Jumped Of The Bridge Ending His Life, Leaving Loyal Dog Behind in Solitude

Sadly, the faithful dog was abandoned in solitary after his master committed suicide by jumping off a bridge, and he declined help just because he wanted to keep waiting.

After witnessing his owner make a promise by diving into the water from the bridge, a loyal dog in Wuhan, China, stayed on the Yangtze Bridge for four days. Numerous people have been moved by the moving photos of the affectionate dog that were uploaded online.

According to the Chutian Metropolis News translation, a local resident named Xu took the photos of the dog relaxing on the bridge’s pavement. The dog fled in horror when Mr. Xu went to pick it up at the bridge on Friday because it was too terrified to approach the guy. The dog should go home with Mr. Xu.

Du Fan, the director of the Wuhan Small Animal Protection Association, mobilized volunteers to search for the dog after seeing the man’s post about it running away.

The dog and its owner traveled to the Yangtze Bridge that evening, May 30. We requested that the bridge officers investigate what had taken place. It was fairly dark. Nothing was visible on the video monitoring… The individual was immediately visible leaping.

It is anticipated that volunteers would locate the puppy and offer him a new home in a cozy setting. Dogs are incredibly loyal.

Another dog spent more than three months at Wuhan Taikang Hospital waiting for his owner in the hope of being reunited. Sadly, the elderly owner of the dog went away from Covid-19 after only five days.

The seven-year-old dog would appear every day in the hospital lobby, searching for his owner, even though he was unaware that they would never return. The dog was fed and cared for by compassionate individuals who saw his mental anguish until an animal shelter close by arrived to assist.

More information is available in the video below:

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