People Were Surprised To Learn How Many Puppies This Mama Dog Gave Birth To

An overcrowded local shelter in Kentucky was home to a little pregnant Terrier whose belly just kept on growing. Due to the circumstances, the shelter couldn’t really afford to home all of her pups so they were desperate for help.

As soon as the vets from the Kentucky Humane Society (KHS) heard about this adorable mom in need, they swooped in like superheroes and came to her aid. Their help came just at the right time because the babies were coming!

Small Dog, Big Belly 

vet and a dog before giving birth
Source: Kentucky Humane Society

With the irresistible charm of this mom-to-be, she quickly became a part of the KHS family, naming her Momma Malone.

Considering how big her belly was, a team of vets decided that the safest way to welcome her fur babies into the world was through a C-section.

I was excited — but also concerned. We were grateful that she had come to the Kentucky Humane Society, where we would be able to safely deliver her puppies.

Said Dr. Emily Bewley, the vet lead vet of Malone’s birth.  

The staff decided that it was for the best that Dr. Emily fostered Momma Malone as she waited for her pups. Emily knew that she had a big task ahead, but she was determined to make the mom feel as comfortable as ever.

She also knew that there were a lot of puppies in that belly so she rallied up all of the KHS vet staff, making sure that everybody was ready when the time came to deliver the babies.

On the way to the shelter, my son sat with her in the back of the car to comfort her. In the meantime, the veterinary team was preparing everyone at the shelter because we knew there were going to be a lot of puppies and we would need all hands on deck. Once we arrived at the shelter, the surgery only took 20 minutes.

A Happy Delivery 

photo of the dog and a group of people
Source: Kentucky Humane Society

And, she was right! Usually, smaller dogs give birth to five puppies at most, but Momma Malone gave birth to nine!

This sure did amaze each and every one of the staff members, and they made sure to keep us updated on how this brave pup was doing.

However, the staff did have one concern. Considering the circumstances of the delivery, they thought that Momma Malone would have some trouble connecting with her pups. But, they couldn’t have been more wrong.

When she woke up, she took to [motherhood] like she had done it before, even though I’m pretty sure this is her first time. She’s taking good care of everybody.

the dog feeding the puppies
Source: Kentucky Humane Society via The Dodo

Momma Malone and her pups stayed in the warm and loving hands of the KHS. This shelter sure did turn into their puppy heaven with all the love and attention they received.

Being so brave and determined, the mom made a speedy recovery and her pups grew up to be big and strong in no time.

Seeing how incredible these pups are, the KHS knew that they would be an amazing addition to any family, so they took to their Facebook, informing everybody that they are looking for their forever homes.

close-up photo of the puppies
Source: Kentucky Humane Society

Final Word

The brave Mamma Malone has also found her forever home, and she is happier than ever, knowing that her pups are in the safe and loving hands of her new parents.

With every single story, I keep being reminded of the important role our animal shelters play in saving and caring for animals in need. Let’s try and support them in any way we can so that together, we can make a difference in these furry lives.

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