Protectiνe mother dog had tears in her eyes when she turned to see a kind stranger behind her

Nothing is purer than a mother’s love for her children. This is universal and applies to both people and animals.

We all know that dogs are generally gentle and sociable, but when female puppies become moms, their look changes dramatically. From then on, their primary priority is to safeguard their babies, and they may turn violent if they perceive even the tiniest threat approaching them.

A netizen got to observe the mother dog and puppies while waiting for the bus during a particularly nasty storm.

Before he looked at the mother dog, netizens assumed he was thinking about rapidly getting out of the severe weather and experiencing the warmth of his house.

The mother dog turned her back on the wall and used her body to shield her children. She must have been freezing in that terrible weather, but she was determined to safeguard her children.

Netizens were moved to action when they saw the dog in such a position and decided to buy food for the mother dog to eat.

He returned with a chunk of meat and attempted to feed it to the mother dog.

The mother dog returned her gaze and glanced at the food for a moment, as if debating whether she should trust the stranger. Finally, the dog chose to accept the provided food, and tears sprang in his eyes.

Everyone was touched and upset by the gesture since they believed the mother dog deserved to be in a warm area to care for her puppies.

The netizen attempted to bring the mother dog and puppies home, but they refused to move. They don’t trust people because they may pose a threat, and dogs don’t like taking chances.

We hope the mother dog and puppies are safe and will meet better folks in the future.

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