Quiet Dog Who Wouldn’t Stop Barking Ended Up Saving His Owner’s Life

Sometimes, we are led to believe that we are choosing to adopt the pet that we want to spend our lives with; however, there are instances where the pets choose us.

The dog of today’s story not only chose his owner, but he also saved his life.

New Friends

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When Drew Smith, a 41-year-old engineer, was looking for a doggo companion, he made his way down to an animal shelter in San Diego, California.

After not finding the dog he desired, he saw a little 4-year-old sickly Spaniel mix by the name of Carl, who was looking at him with hopeful eyes.

Knowing that Carl was in desperate need of a home, Drew decided to adopt him.

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In the beginning, Carl was a very quiet dog who loved to lay around and relax.

“For the first three weeks, I didn’t even know if he could bark because I never heard him,” said Drew.  

However, this quiet dog was about to find his voice really soon.

Furry Hero

Arriving home from work, Drew found Carl furiously and persistently barking. Not thinking much of it, Drew took him inside and ended his night.

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However, he was woken up a couple of hours later by Carl who was barking yet again.

He was barking and going crazy, he was licking me and barking at me and I was kind of ‘Oh, man, my throat really hurts’, so I grabbed some water off my nightstand and took a drink.

Still not sure as to what was going on, Drew tried to go back to sleep, but Carl didn’t let him, and that’s when he smelled something unusual.

Drew turned on the lights and noticed that his whole apartment was full of smoke, caused by a fire that was smoldering within the wall the whole day.

firemen with burning house
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He managed to grab Carl and quickly run out of his home, only to hear the smoke and Co2 alarm go off a couple of moments later.

Thanks to Carl, the damage to the apartment wasn’t as bad as it could have been and Drew’s life was saved!

He saved my life. Who knows if I would have woken up.

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Drew also revealed that he was having second thoughts when it came to adopting Carl due to the amount his dental bill would cost him.

However, now he is really happy he did since he wouldn’t have been here if it wasn’t for the devotion and loyalty of his four-legged friend!

Final Word

Even though Carl could have left Drew inside and saved himself, his loyalty to his hooman didn’t allow him to do so.

This not only proved to Drew that fate brought him and Carl together, but also just how incredible it is to have a trusty doggo by your side.

So, if this story didn’t convince you to go to your local shelter and adopt an adorable little pupper, I’m not quite sure what will!

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