Rescue Wolfdog Embraces His New Life As A Pack Member

They’ve been around since the beginning of domesticated life. It’s impossible to track down the first dogs. Most likely, they were still crosses between wild wolves and tamed dogs. 

Wolfdogs are not that common today as they were in the past, but they still show up as pets all across the States. Thanks to the Apex Protection Project, wolfdogs live almost like regular dogs. 

If it wasn’t for this Californian non-profit organization, we could only guess how these creatures would survive on their own.

One of those wolfdogs in need that was rescued, thanks to Apex, was Sarge. Life gave him a second chance, and this time, he figured out he might as well make the most of it.

Sarge truly went per aspera ad astra. His road was a bumpy one, but eventually, Sarge became a true pack member, a leader, and a wonderful soul to have around.

Becoming A Part Of The Pack

photo of a wolfdog and a woman
Source: Apex Protection Project

The story of Sarge and his way into the Apex pack dates back several years ago. 

The official Apex foundation was founded back in 2015, in California, but the founders, Paula and Steve, began working with wolfdogs all the way back in 2009. There’s a rich experience behind them, and a successful career, I might add.

Over the years, the foundation has helped over 400 captive-born wolfdogs with their adaptation, rescue, and rehabilitation. And, they have helped thousands of wolfdog owners with raising wolfdogs and educating them about these special creatures. 

Only a year after their official founding of Apex, Paula and Steve rescued Sarge. It was June 17th, 2016, and Sarge was already an older boy at the age of 7. 

Sarge never really managed to fit in with dogs nor other wolfdogs until he came to the Apex pack. Although the pack was already at its maximum capacity, Paula seemed like she wouldn’t give up on Sarge.

She kept showing Steve his photos, asking him to take this guy in. His story really touched Paula’s heart and she knew she had to do something for this poor, lost soul.

You see, Sarge was bred in captivity as an exotic pet. You can only imagine the kind of people who raised Sarge. Their only goal was to make a great profit selling him.

And, Sarge was sold. He spent seven years with his first family when a terrible accident happened. He was climbing the kids’ jungle gym and his leg got trapped in one of the rungs of the ladder.

Sarge’s family at the time was going through a rough patch and wasn’t able to cover Sarge’s vet bills or take care of him anymore.

It was the ideal time for Apex to step in. 

Even though wolfdogs take time to blend in and make friends, Sarge adapted rather quickly. The moment he first started howling with the rest of the pack on his first day was the moment when he accepted them and they accepted him. 

However, Sarge’s recovery was a long one. His leg needed an operation, and it lasted six hours. Sarge went out of that O.R. with a titanium plate in his leg and a cast he had to wear for six months.

Soon, little by little, as Sarge was relieved from the pain, he started showing his true personality. And, it was a wonderful one! 

wolfdog licking woman's face
Source: Apex Protection Project

The pack already had an alpha, Taboo, but Sarge was interested in the pawsition, too. Fortunately, for everyone in the pack, he didn’t insist on it. Instead, Sarge was pretty pleased with being around Taboo and enjoying her company as the leader. 

Sarge became a true Apex ambassador. He traveled the States with Paula and Steve, promoting the organization and showing everyone his sweet, goofy, and caring side. 

Once a giant, scary wolfdog, now he is the biggest snuggle bear ever!

Sarge’s Legacy

photo of wolfdog licking woman's face
Source: Apex Protection Project

Sarge spent eight incredible years with the Apex pack. He learned how to be his true self. 

From an injured, skittish wolfdog, he blossomed into a wonderful creature full of love. 

woman sitting next to wolfdog
Source: Apex Protection Project

At the age of almost 16, which is a bit more than the average lifespan of a wolfdog, Sarge peacefully crossed the rainbow bridge.

He left this world surrounded by his dear friends and caretakers. 

“Sarge leaves behind a legacy as large as his personality, which lovingly earned him the nickname of “Large Sarge”. His humor, as well as his mischievous and playful demeanor, will be remembered in all of our hearts forever. His smile was a blessing to all who have been lucky enough to experience it, and we know that he is still smiling as he waits for us, joined by Taboo and Merlin, across the rainbow bridge,” said Apex in the official statement on social media. 

If you ever come across a wolfdog in need, now you know who to call. Apex is the best option for these unique creatures, and a safe haven for all wolfpuppers out there. 

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