Mama Dog With Swollen Breasts Stands On Street, Sadly Waiting For Her Owner To Comeback

Moms, whether they’re human or animal, show incredible strength and a willingness to make sacrifices during childbirth. And once they’ve given birth to their little ones, it’s often one of the most challenging periods for a mom to overcome. During this time, the love and care of others become incredibly important.

However, there’s a heart-wrenching story where a mother dog wasn’t as fortunate. She found herself all alone on the street, a place she didn’t deserve to be. It was clear from her about-to-burst breasts that she had recently given birth to puppies. We can only wonder how long she had been in that situation. But it was as if she was determined to wait there, hoping her owner would return and take her back home.

Let’s introduce you to Hera! She’s a dog who, fortunately, was rescued from the painful ordeal of being all alone on the street. When someone first spotted her, Hera appeared visibly sad, and her breasts were swollen with milk. Hungry, thirsty, and utterly exhausted, she remained quietly huddled in a corner, filled with a sense of hopelessness, waiting for someone who might never return.

Heartbroken by what they had seen, the rescuers swiftly took her to a vet, where the staff carefully examined her health. Fortunately, other than her breast issue, her overall health was still in good shape, and there were no serious health concerns. The primary challenge was the discomfort she experienced due to her engorged breasts, which needed time to heal and alleviate the pain.

Thankfully, with the nurturing care provided by the rescuers over a short period, her primary health concern underwent a remarkable transformation. The milk in her breasts significantly decreased, bringing her relief. Now, she can engage in her daily dog activities just like any other canine.

“Hera can even go for a walk. She was out for nearly an hour.” shared the rescuer.

Hera is now not only receiving sufficient nourishment and medical attention but is also basking in abundant affection from her new owner. Just look at how beautiful she is now; we know she understands that she is in a safe and loving environment.

“Our lovely Hera is leaving behind her painful past and stepping into a brighter future with her new owner.”

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