They Only Have Each Other: Man On Street Sleeps Cheek To Cheek With Dog Safely Wrapped In His Arms

Is it money or happiness that plays a more important role in life? Well, I used to wonder about the possibility of being happy and satisfied without money, but this picture seems to give me a reason to believe that.

Once shared on Instagram, the picture becomes viral, spreading out the moment a homeless man sleeps with his forever dog arm in arm, and happiness is clearly shown in their faces.
This is an example of true love, companionship, and a very beautiful connection between humans and animals. Dogs will help cure the loneliness of homeless people who wander on the streets every day. And, the homeless will share all their food and water with their dogs.

In the picture, you see the man snuggle his dog who is resting peacefully on his chest. Its cheek is next to his, and its mouth is blooming a smile. Covered with dirty bedding, both seem to be having a sweet dream next to each other. They can offer each other comfort and love that nothing else in life can do. Such a beautiful scene to behold!
We don’t know whether they once shared a home together or they were two different fates who just found each other on street, but there’s one thing we can say – they need your help to find shelter, food, and clothes of their own.
Share this picture with your friends, family and see if they can offer help to these unfortunate souls!

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