Stray dog takes refuge in a Christmas nativity scene to give birth to seven beautiful puppies

This street dog gave birth to seven pups on a straw-filled barnacle, much as Mary did when Jesus was born.

On display under a simple tent in Palenque’s main square was a lovely Nativity scene. This one has the typical collection of Christmas figurines standing in serene repose, but an unexpected addition is a pregnant stray dog.

The cute pooch reportedly saw the Christmas nativity scene as a safe refuge and used it as such. She might take a break from the freezing streets and provide lights if required. This was seen by local journalist Eric Guzmán, who discovered her curled up within the straw.

When Eric focused his attention, he discovered that the dog had given birth to seven pups. The dog seems to have decided that the Christmas birth was the only safe and comfortable spot for her to give birth.

“He was amazed and thrilled to find that his puppies were in a secure home,” Eric told The Dodo. They were never chilly or moist, he said. Although Palenque is usually hot all year long, it begins to turn chilly around December, and dogs are commonly spotted seeking shelter from the weather.

Many Palenque residents have visited the manger to view the dog and her pups ever since Eric first began spreading the word about them. Some even brought food and drink. Even the local administration intervened and agreed to let the family of dogs to remain for whatever long they need.

The animal lovers at Dejando Huellitas SOS Palenque have stepped up to secure the dogs’ care both now and in the future and have begun seeking for homes for them to live in. They have also made allusions to holiness.

Eric may not see the birth of the pups in the Christmas manger as a miracle, but he does see that it will have a lasting effect. As citizens, “we would be more mindful of stray dogs and would adopt them rather than purchase them,” the journalist hoped. No matter where they are from, he continued, “We should love them.”

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