Stray Puppy Overwhelmed With Emotions Upon Reuniting With Her Lost Mom

When the lovely ladies from Love Furry Friends Animal Rescue received a video about a tiny puppy that lived near a busy road, they didn’t hesitate to rescue it. 

So, meet Lucy. 

Lucy lived for a long time near a busy road, barely staying alive. 

She was very scared and didn’t trust people at all. As soon as anyone tried to approach her, she would run away as far as possible. 

That is why no one took her away from the streets or even tried to help her until her rescuers finally arrived. 

But, what they didn’t realize was that Lucy had a mom and they both were living together on the streets. 

A Sweet Rescue 

woman holding a dog
Source: Love Furry Friends – Rescue Channel

Lucy was rescued and brought to safety. After she was given medical care, a bath, some food, and toys, she slowly started to transform into the biggest love bug. 

However, when the rescue posted about Lucy on their social media, they were surprised to find that Lucy had a mom that was still there, somewhere on the streets. 

People who occasionally fed the two dogs sent them a photo of the two of them from the time when Lucy was still living on the streets. 

photo of two dogs sitting in grass
Source: Love Furry Friends – Rescue Channel

Shocked with this realization, the rescuers immediately drove to the location where they rescued Lucy, in hopes of finding her mom as well. 

“She often wanders the streets in search of food for herself and for Lucy. That’s why we didn’t see when we were there for Lucy,” the Love Furry Friends Animal Rescue said in the video. 

When they arrived at the location, the mom was there…

She ran to them as soon as they called her. She must have been very hungry because she ate the food they gave her right away. 

woman carrying a dog
Source: Love Furry Friends – Rescue Channel

Besides that, she was very friendly and not afraid of the people at all. 

She missed Lucy a lot. 

Emotional Reunion

The mom – later named Rozy – was first taken to a veterinary hospital, as she was breathing very hard and loudly. 

The tests showed that Rozy had heartworm in her heart and in her pulmonary artery, and she needed to start her treatment immediately.  

She was about eight to ten years old, while Lucy was only 10 months old. 

Lucy had no idea that she was about to see her mom very soon. She was sadly lying in her little bed when Olena came into the room with her mom in her arms. 

Lucy glanced at them and her tail immediately started wagging uncontrollably. 

two dogs in dog bed
Source: Love Furry Friends – Rescue Channel

She couldn’t contain her happiness when she recognized her mom, so she started jumping around her and hugging her. 

Rozy was still a bit nervous in her new environment, but Lucy simply didn’t want to leave her side. Although both of them had their own doggy bed, they decided to share one. 

Lucy was finally a happy puppy again. 

From that moment on, they did everything together, and they did not separate even for a second. 

photo of two dogs lying next to each other
Source: Love Furry Friends – Rescue Channel

“We are happy that we could change the lives of these wonderful dogs,” said the rescue. If you would like to help them rescue more dogs just like Lucy and Rozy, you can support their cause by donating through PayPal or Patreon.  

Hopefully, both dogs will get adopted together into a wonderful family. 

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