Veterinary forces her to pay 10 thousand dollars to see her puppy, she gave the money but has not seen him since

When a house dog becomes ill, it is best to take them to the veterinarian as soon as any unusual symptoms appear. However, for Rachel Mullen, this situation turned into a nightmare when she needed an urgent operation on her four-year-old puppy. The surgery cost $10,000, and the hospital promised to reimburse her when she delivered the money. However, as far as is known, the veterinary clinic has not given it to her.

She is asked for a sizable quantity of money by the veterinarian to deliver her dog.

In a Facebook post, Scarborough, Maine resident Rachel Mullen said that she had acquired a four-month-old German Shepherd puppy that she had fallen in love with right away and knew was the one.

But when the dog named Jaxx unintentionally swallowed a wooden skewer, his owner did not hesitate to take him to the doctor to treat him; in fact, he claims that she brought him to the Maine Veterinary Medical Center, an emergency clinic.

He told WGME, “The last thing I did was embrace and kiss him and encourage him to get better.

When she learned that Jaxx required a $10,000 surgery and that she would have to pay the cost in order for her cherished dog to be returned to her, things quickly got ugly. For the veterinarians to function, Rachel had to give up the land, but she was still responsible for the $3,000 cost of care.

I was advised that since I couldn’t afford the money, my only alternatives were to give up my dog or apply for a care loan (some of which were accepted). Due of my financial situation (I was still paying $2600 of his bill), I was forced to deliver it. I read the Facebook post.

She had to pay because she had already spent two months with the dog, which she loves and would not give up. She struggled to acquire money and went to GoFundMe when she was unable to retrieve her German Shepherd.

After she arrived at the clinic with the cash, the narrative took a new turn when she was informed by the MVMC media outlet that Jaxx was not present. MVMC for information, but all Rarebreed, the company that owns it, had to say was, “When you give up a pet, it’s a legally binding contract,” The puppy’s location is currently unknown, and his family is still waiting for him.

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