Dog Escapes Euthanasia And Reunites With Her Mom After Being Missing For Months

One of the worst nightmares of every owner is having their dog missing. They search for them tirelessly while trying hard not to think about all the negative things that could happen to their beloved pups.

Nic Bilbao was one of those dog owners who loved her dogs with all her heart. They lived on a farm and they enjoyed spending time together every day. 

Everything was great until one of Bilbao’s heart dogs, Zasha, went missing.

Zasha Goes Missing

portrait of a smiling dog with its tongue out

Bilbao and Zasha clicked since the moment they saw each other. Zasha had a hard time before she met her forever mom. The pooch went through three different homes in just a few days.

With her mom, Bilbao, everything was different. The bond between the two of them was a special one.

“Her and I had this weird bond between us. She was just such a goofy, fun-loving dog who no one cared to understand,” said Bilbao.

They loved each other very much. Zasha often licked her mom’s face, giving her cute little kisses. Whenever she saw her, she wagged her tail. 

the dog lies next to the girl's head

Zasha was happy because she had everything she had always dreamed of having – a loving home, a mom who adored her, and two canine siblings, Anubis and Tipsy.

They led a happy life until the day when Zasha went missing. Her mom kept looking for her everywhere, but Zasha was nowhere to be found. Bilbao was heartbroken.

“When she went missing, I was absolutely terrified. I felt really broken.”

Bilbao regretted not having Zasha microchipped, although she had planned to do it.

Eight months passed and Bilbao started accepting the fact that she would have to build her life without her. Tipsy and Anubis comforted their mom, and they did their best to help her overcome the loss of Zasha.

The Lost Dog Miraculously Reappears

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One day, while Bilbao was scrolling on Facebook, she came across a photo of a dog, posted by the Dogslanding House – a rescue located in Cedar Creek, Texas. She was stunned when she realized that the dog in the photo looked identical to Zasha.

She left a comment under the post right away, saying that the dog in the photo looked like the dog she lost 8 months ago. Bilbao sent them photos of Zasha.

As soon as the rescue staff members saw Bilbao’s photos of Zasha, it became clear that it was her dog.

Bilbao found out that her dear Zasha was almost put down after she ended up at a high-kill shelter. The Dogslanding House staff saved her a day before her scheduled euthanasia. 

She was immensely grateful to the rescue staff for saving Zasha’s life.

Zasha spent 6 months at the rescue. The rescue staff took great care of her, showering her with love and constantly trying to find a forever home.

“We found what we thought was an amazing family, decided that it was not going to work out,” said Danielle, the rescue’s staff member.

Bilbao saw Zasha’s photo on the rescue’s Facebook page shortly after the dog’s adoption in Missouri fell through. Danielle, the rescue staff member, was returning the dog to the rescue in Texas.

A Heartwarming Reunion

the veterinarian takes a picture in the garden with the dogs

Staff members were thrilled and amazed by Zasha’s story. They could have never imagined that Zasha had an owner who had been looking for her all this time.

The day of the reunion finally came. While driving to the rescue, Bilbao was anxious, wondering whether Zasha would recognize her.

“When I pulled up, my heart absolutely broke. I couldn’t breathe. My anxiety was so high because I was just sitting there thinking, like, I lost my dog and no one gets their dog after several months. You don’t think it’s gonna happen.”

Bilbao came through the gate and saw Zasha. As soon as the pooch noticed her, she approached Bilbao and started wagging her tail. 

After sniffing her, the pup was overjoyed. She realized that her mom finally found her.

the woman came back for her dog and he kisses her

The pup jumped into her mom’s arms, licking her face and kissing her.

“… She got so excited and was all over me. Oh, it was such a heartfelt moment. I could not stop crying. I never thought I would see Zasha again.”

Zasha said goodbye to the rescue staff and headed home to San Marcos with her mom.

She was happy to be back home. She lives a blissful life with her mom and her furry siblings. Bilbao’s mom feels very lucky to have Zasha back. She will be eternally grateful to The Dogslanding House for saving her life.

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