With Stерs Of Pаin, Dоg Aррrоасhеs Rеsсuеrs Hоре Tо Run Awау Frоm His Misеrаblе Lifе!

Dogs deserve to be recognized. We will never understand why they were abandoned to fend for themselves or were damaged by those who should have loved them the most. Such like this one. He was discarded like junk.

Their hearts sank when they discovered him. He was covered in fleas, had scabies, and his thighs were so swollen he couldn’t walk. Leonard was the name they gave him.

Leonard was sent to a rescue center. They fed him properly and gave him a bath. The bath contained pharmaceutical shampoo, which assisted in the treatment of his scabies. Leonard began to improve as the days passed. He had a long way to go yet, but what a change!

Leonard’s true colors showed as he realized he was secure and, finally, loved. So many people betrayed him, but that is now a thing of the past!

It was clear in his eyes that he now trusted the people around him. He was dubious at first, which is normal, but as time went, he realized that these humans were excellent!

Leonard’s caregivers want to keep him warm by tucking him into little jackets and sweaters.

Leonard turned out to be a great dog in need of a forever home. A kind woman volunteered to be an adopter. It was a match made in heaven when they met! Look at how pleased Leonard is! He’s finally feeling an owner’s affection. He had always deserved love.

We are overjoyed. Leonard’s brutal past is, well, his past! Leonard, here’s to a good life!

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