Woman Reunites with Her Lost Dog After Two Years of Searching Due to Her Illness

Recently, a loyal dog was reunited with his beloved owner after nearly two years of separation. Despite this, the owner never stopped up looking for him.

And the tale of how they were able to get in touch is nothing short of amazing.

When Kameroun Mares first met the husky, she was in dire need of companionship and love.

The acute lymphoblastic leukemia that Mares was combating. In the summer of 2013, shortly after completing chemotherapy, she encountered the tiny puppy and decided to adopt him.

He was known as Semper for short, and his name was Semper Fidelis, which means “Always loyal” in Latin.

Mares told The Dodo, “He’s always been faithful to me. Something managed to remove Mares from her favorite dog despite Semper’s devotion.

Mares had to go from Florida to California in 2016 for additional medical treatment, and at the time, her roommate offered to take care of Semper. Mares, though, got a strange call. Mares said, “My ex-roommate told me he was disappeared.

She searched all over her house when she arrived home for Semper. Later that year, when she had to move to California, she stayed in touch with Florida shelters.

“I kept looking for him while I was in California for a year, posting flyers on pet websites, calling 15 vet facilities close to where I used to live there about him, calling humane organizations about him, calling shelters,” Mares said. “[I] posted details about him on Facebook, forums for lost dogs, and numerous pages and groups. I awaited a call from someone telling me that they had located him every day. Since he was three months old, his microchip has been registered to me, but I have received nothing. I worried for him and sorely missed him.”

That’s when Mares made the decision to ask for help. She hired private investigator Ana Campos to help her find her cherished pet.

Campos informed The Dodo that the woman had purchased a lifetime registration with AKC Reunite. “She was encouraged to recheck her AKC Reunite chip after a year by someone. She visited the humane society in May 2017, and staff members conducted an online search… She discovered that on April 11, 2016, a woman had signed her name to Semper’s chip a year earlier.”

It appears that the other microchip company did not verify whether an owner was already listed on Semper’s chip. Campos found out why Semper hadn’t been up despite Mares’ efforts: Semper had been listed for sale on Craigslist for $200.

Recently, Semper and Mares were reunited, and the reunion left the dog and Mares in tears. Mares began to cry with joy, and Semper was unable to stop jumping.

Campos said, “To be able to participate in this reunion and be here was one of the finest days of my life.

Semper is settling back in well with his family, taking leisurely strolls about his new California neighborhood, and learning the lay of the land with Mares (whose cancer is thankfully in remission).

He remembers the commands I gave him and the skills I taught him, said Mares. “My own favorite command is “go home”; I implore him, “Semper, go home.” What has become of home? “Please go home.”” Semper then finds the precise right door.

Mares said, “I consider him an extension of myself and my emotions. I’m relieved to hold him once more.

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