She Tried to Stick Her Head Into My Car to Beg For Help But She Wanted to Show me Something Else

Today, I stumbled upon a mother dog while I was strolling down a deserted street. She was observing all the vehicles while standing by the side of the road.

Fear grips the mother dog. She requested help. There wasn’t a stop. I vividly recall being shocked when I initially met her. She pleaded with me to check at my car. Her children were in the squalor.

They just gave birth a short while ago. Rain is expected to fall with great frequency. They risk not living if we don’t save them right away from the cold and rain.

Reuniting her family with the shelter took more than an hour.

Three adorable puppies are dozing off. She is unhurt, as are her three puppies. She recently adopted two puppies, but sadly they have now passed away.

I refer to her as Maria. Maria is a really lovable and adorable dog. Both her two adopted children and her three biological children receive first-rate care from her.

Puppies are growing 25 days later. They can now receive immunizations because they are two months old. Rafael, left to right, Donatello, and Leonardo.

They are kindhearted people. Their favorite activities are playing, tanning, and eating.

We appreciate Danu Colombo MDP saving us!

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