Mom Dog Keeps Crossing Busy Railroad Tracks In Search Of Food For Her Babies

They say that a mom’s job never ends, and Pepper, here, is exhibit A.

This sweet stray mama spared no energy to keep her litter safe, and she did it amazingly!

For over a year, this abandoned doggo lived in a desert outside Los Angeles, fending for herself, and recently, for her big family. 

In order to find food for her babies, Pepper had to cross a dangerous road and busy railroad tracks every day – but she didn’t mind. All she cared about was making sure her puppies got enough food.

This is her story!

Living In A Desert For Over A Year

dog sitting on a dry land

A giant-hearted woman named Bri spotted Pepper living in a desert, and she was inclined to help her. 

She selflessly fed this stray dog for over a year, but when she noticed Pepper’s mammary glands – she knew she had to call for professional help! That’s when she gave Hope For Paws, from Los Angeles, California, a call!

dog on railroad

The HFP team immediately rushed into action, doing their best to find Pepper’s litter. They searched for a while, but there was no success. At last, they decided to let Pepper lead them to it, as the litter was nowhere to be found

Eventually, this brave dog mama crossed a dangerous road and then busy railroad tracks, leading them to a woman named Estrella.

The Greatest Mama Ever

Estrella told the team that Pepper had been hiding her nine puppies on her property, and she was more than happy to get them transferred to a safer home… 

Even though Estrella fed and took care of the puppies herself – Pepper never stopped crossing the railroad tracks to bring them food as well. 

She has always been a caring mom who has done her best to preserve her litter – and she has done it incredibly well!

“This dog deserves an award! She cared for her 9 puppies while living on the streets as a “neighborhood dog” in a rural area. She is smart, resourceful, extremely grateful and loyal,” the LAAR team says.

Pepper And Her 9 Puppies Are Finally Safe

nine puppies

After they were initially taken care of by the HFP team, the mom and the puppies were transferred to L A Animal Rescue, who offered to foster the entire family.

At first, Pepper and her babies needed some time to adapt to the new setup, but once they realized they were finally safe, they let their guards down and started a new chapter in their lives with a big laugh on their faces!

owners with their black dog

She was used to that “free spirit” lifestyle so this whole setup of living in a house and being contained is unfamiliar to her. She’s going to adjust, it will just take some time. Meanwhile her 6 girls and 3 boys are now safe,” the LAAR team wrote.

The great news is that Pepper and some of her puppies have been adopted into beautiful families.

After a rough start in their life, they’re finally enjoying the companionship role in their life – and without a doubt, they’re a big success in it!

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