A Police Officer and a Little Owl Have a Cute Meeting!

This owl will melt your heart because it is so adorable!

Officer: Have you seen a suspicious man walking through here?
Owl: who? 

A lo.st owl appeared on a dirt road one fine day, which sounds strange.
Two Boulder, Colorado police officers were driving down a dirt road when they noticed a small animal in the middle of the road. They approached and discovered it was an adorable baby Northern Saw-Wher owl. It appears to be lo.st on its way and is unaware of the dan.gers of traffic.

The kind cops decided to assist the little owl!

The little owl with the cat-like face, the oversized head, and the bright yellow eyes is both adorable and serious!

“Hey, what’s up?” said the owl when one of the cops approached her. The little owl immediately turned his head in response to her words. When she said “hello,” the owl opened its eyes wide as if intently listening.

She was amused by the adorable little owl!

After greeting each other for a while, the two cops decided to assist the owl in getting out of this strange road, at which point the owl flapped its wings and flew away.

Northern Saw-whet Owls hunt primarily at dusk and dawn, and they frequently use the “sit and wait” strategy to drop prey on the ground from low-lying prey locations. Perhaps this little guy is attempting to set a tr.ap.

But who would have guessed that this fe.arsome pre.dator would come across two giant and kind cops, this is hilarious!

However, this lovely owl should not use this hun.ting tactic on the road again because it may end up in dan.ger before catching its prey.

What a sweet little bird.
That is soooooo cute! That was very special of that policeman to stop and take time to chat to this baby owl. It takes someone special to do that. From me, wish there were more people like that!

Thank you to that Policeman for taking the time to do that. 

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