Boy With Brain Injury Won’t Wake Up, Family Says Goodbye, As Dog Lay On Top Of Him And A miracle Has Happened

Going through something so terrible like a traumatic accident is so hard and heartbreaking. When it’s a small child, it’s much more difficult and distressing.

Children should be able to enjoy their childhoods rather than fighting for existence at such a young age. Caleb’s life was in jeopardy after a terrible vehicle accident that left the little youngster in the intensive care unit with a catastrophic brain damage.

His parents were heartbroken. They had no idea what life would be like for Caleb in the future, or whether he would even survive.

It was understandably a difficult period for the family as they rallied around their youngster and hoped for a miracle. Caleb’s journey to recovery was clearly going to be long and arduous. But there was still some hope.

That glimmer of optimism has four legs. Colonel, a loving Golden Retriever, was exactly what the family needed.

Colonel is a therapy dog, according to Intermountain Therapy Animals, and when Caleb first met him, the benefits were instant.

Caleb’s father recounts in the video that up until that time, Caleb’s recuperation and indications of recovery were so minor that it looked virtually hopeless. But when Caleb met Colonel, Caleb’s father dubbed it a “turning moment” since it gave so much hope and promise that the young kid may heal.

He wouldn’t be alone; Colonel would work with him over time. And that was incredible to witness!

Watch the video below:

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