Mama Dog Is Very Emotional After Being Reunited With Her Baby

When talking about stray dogs, it’s really difficult to imagine just how much pain and suffering most of them go through. 

It’s even harder for mama dogs who have to somehow take care of their babies while living on the street, with no way to feed them all.

In this story, we will talk about a mama dog who was very emotional after reuniting with her babies that were taken away.

Rescue Team On The Scene

black dog lying in a bush
Source: Hope For Paws

As soon as the rescue team from Hope For Paws was notified about a dog living on the streets of New Jersey, they immediately went to help.

Apparently, she had given birth to a litter of puppies in the middle of the street. When they got there, they saw that a part of the house had been separated from the streets, which meant that they were safe.

When they tried to approach the mama dog, she was growling at them the whole time out of fear of harm.

Despite this, they could see that she needed help, so they tried to draw her out, away from the puppies, so that they could get to the puppies.

puppies in the kennel
Source: Hope For Paws

The rescuers realized that she was a really gentle dog who wanted nothing more than to protect her babies and give them the help they badly needed.

There were 7 of them in total. When they came to pick them up and help, they realized that one of the puppies had not survived.

As the team was getting all the puppies into the vehicle, Jade was visibly upset by being separated from them.

Even though they were all directly in her sight, she did not like the fact that she could not be there with them.

Jade’s Reunited With Her Baby

dog mom lying on a blanket
Source: Hope For Paws

After that, they were taken to a veterinarian clinic in New Jersey where they received proper medical treatment. 

However, this did not put Jade’s mind at ease, as the rescuers and the workers at the clinic noticed that she still seemed very uneasy for some reason.

They brushed it off, hoping that her mood would improve the next day, but it seemed like there was something they did not know.

Apparently, one of the neighbors had taken one of the puppies for herself and separated it from his mom, which would explain why she was so anxious.

puppies placed on a gray blanket
Source: Hope For Paws

She realized her mistake and turned over the puppy immediately, so that the two of them could be reunited.

It didn’t take a moment for Jade to realize that her baby was back, and her mood shifted dramatically. The uneasiness she felt the whole time had now been replaced with happiness.

Some time had passed and the dog family was taken into foster care where they will stay until a permanent home is available for them.

We don’t know if they have been adopted or not, but given how sweet they are, I have no doubt that somebody has taken them in by now.

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