Good Samaritan saves Dog Discovered on Highway!

We all want to see the outcome of this story…!

You are a very kind person. Thank you for being a kind human .
Bless the precious dog and the dear Lady

A woman sprung into action to save a dog [] on the side of a busy Michigan highway, protecting the animal while others came to help.

Good Samaritan Debbie Allen sprung into action, ensuring the animal wasn’t [str.uck by] a vehicle, after she noticed the dog [tr.apped] and visibly shaken. She huddled against the center divider attempting to shield the German Shepherd from oncoming traffic.

Allen, a pet owner herself, says she pulled over and traffic came to a [standstill] when the dog ran uphill. She wanted to be sure that the German Shepherd would stay safe so she turned around to get it, but the dog became [] and returned to the busy roadway.

She went back to her car and tried to stop traffic as a safety precaution. Another driver waited with the dog as she returned. Michigan State Police then arrived to help.

Allen says the German Shepherd appeared well-fed, well-groomed, and was very well-behaved. He was [] and she theorized that the dog became [] from his home.

The Humane Society arrived on scene and was able to take the dog safely away. The dog was reportedly not micro-chipped and was transported to a local Michigan Humane Society location.
Now, Rescuers were reportedly searching for the owner to reunite the dog.

If you love your pets get them fixed and microchipped.
Thank you for this rescue! Hope he gets a furever home soon!

God Blest You And Everyone Involved. Praying this dog gets a good forever home.

What an awesome story! Everyone loves a story with a happy ending and surely this one will have one!!!

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