Pit Bull From Kill-Shelter Has Amazing Special Ability , Named him “Therapy Dog of the Year” (Video)

 Every dog is distinct. We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have them in our lives. However, every now and then, a dog appears whose natural senses surpass those of the average dog. This is Aladdin’s story, a truly exceptional puppy. Aladdin is a Pit Bull with a troubled past. He’d gone completely unnoticed. When he was placed in a kill shelter, he was starving. He was missing 12 teeth and had major orthopedic problems.

The adorable Pit Bull can’t bend his back legs. To compensate for his problems, he sits, lays, and walks in an unusual manner. Thankfully, his future mother, Michele, discovered him at the kill shelter and fell in love with him right away! In the video below, she explains that despite everything he’d been through and his obvious pain, he wagged his tail the moment they met!

Aladdin had become a registered therapy dog within a year of his adoption. Aladdin’s exceptional ability to connect with others was responsible for this. He has an affinity for children. Even if the room is full, Aladdin will find a way to the person who needs his help the most. Nobody knows for certain, but he appears to be able to detect their emotional distress. Maybe it’s because of his past. Maybe it’s because his malformed legs still bother him.

Aladdin was present at the Orlando nightclub shooting scene. He pushed his way through the crowd to approach a man. No one knew who was inside the club or standing nearby for support because the crowd was so large. Aladdin, on the other hand, did! He dashed over to a man, who told him, “This dog looked at me and knew I needed him.” When he was discovered inside the club, Aladdin realized how important it was for this gentle man to feel safe. It was a heartfelt moment.

This incredible dog not only assists humans, but also dogs who have been abused or traumatized. Despite everything Aladdin does for dogs and people, he still has to deal with the stigma associated with the dog breed. His mother has firsthand knowledge of how difficult it can be. Children will flock to pet Aladdin, but once they learn about his breed and realize he’s a Pit Bull, some parents will remove their children from him. Michele, Aladdin’s mother, is working hard to change that! She enjoys dressing him up to make him more approachable, even if she has to!

Aladdin has also received praise. The American Humane Association named him “Therapy Dog of the Year.” This was a turning point for Aladdin. A gentleman approached Michele at the award dinner and offered to operate Aladdin for free. The vet was confident in his ability to alleviate the majority of his orthopedic pain. Isn’t that incredible?

We promise that Aladdin’s story will only get better. This dog has astounded us with his remarkable ability to connect with people and other dogs in need. Don’t disappoint yourself by not watching the video embedded below. It’s extremely inspiring. We hope Aladdin and other Pit Bulls are treated with respect.

Every dog is unique, and breed stereotypes should never be used to judge a breed as a whole! Please watch the video and share Aladdin’s unique story if you care about dogs like Aladdin and Pit Bulls!

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