Scared Stray Mastiff Steps Inside A House For The Very First Time

When she arrived at work that morning, little did Kristin Erwin know that she would receive a very surprising visit. 

She was going about her day until she saw a huge dog looking into her office door and wagging his tail. She quickly opened the door. 

Erwin melted when she took a closer look at the scared Mastiff and his sad eyes. He seemed to be looking for help. Despite his evident fear, the pup was very friendly. 

Trying to Help Him Find A Home

stray dog looking through window
Source: The Dodo

She and her co-workers took his photo and posted it on the Lost and Found pages, hoping that they could help him find his home.

As soon as they came to work the next day, the dog crawled out from underneath one of their work trailers. He welcomed them with a smile on his face and a wagging tail.

Erwin and her colleagues tried to find fosters for him, but with no success. The doggo spent his time hanging out in the big barrels on the property.

As the weekend was approaching, and Erwin didn’t want to leave him alone, she decided to take him home. 

The Mastiff, later named Hoss, was over the moon when he realized that he was going with Erwin. The sweet boi couldn’t stop grinning. He was grateful for being taken off the streets.

Erwin Takes Him Home

photo of scared dog in the hallway
Source: The Dodo

Once she brought him home, Hoss was scared to enter her house. He hesitated to make that first step.

Erwin realized that he didn’t know how to be a house dog. The tile floors scared him. Being an experienced foster, Erwin knew that Hoss needed some time to decompress.

After a week, Hoss was ready to be introduced to Erwin’s dogs, and that was when things began to change. The pups taught Hoss to be a house dog. Erwin was thrilled to see him coming out of his shell.

two dogs on the grass
Source: The Dodo

“As soon as we would use our dogs to coax him out into the backyard, he would follow them. As soon as he hit the grass, he was just sprinting and playing.“

Hoss loved taking a rest on the couch, and he stayed there for a long time. It was one of the little things he enjoyed for the first time in his life.

Once he discovered the bed, he was even more delighted. He wanted to stay there all day long.

Hoss loved his foster family and he was extremely grateful for all the love they gave him. He liked snuggling with them and covering them with kisses. His foster family was overjoyed to see that he was relaxed. 

Finding Happiness In His Forever Home

dog sitting at the beach
Source: Kristin Erwin

Hoss spent one month at Erwin’s home in Texas, and then Bullmastiff Rescuers took him under their care. Erwin was emotional when she had to say goodbye to him, but she was certain that Hoss would soon find his forever home. 

The doggo moved to another foster home, and shortly afterward, the rescue found him an amazing family in New Jersey. The pup started a new life filled with love and joy. 

Hoss’ parents sent updates to Erwin and she was glad that the adorable Mastiff found the happiness that he had searched for.

two dogs lying in bed
Source: Kristin Erwin

Erwin was very proud of Hoss. He helped his new doggy sister, Sammy, overcome her anxiety. Hoss was the protective brother that she needed. He always hugged his sister while they were napping together.

“He was the lively, goofy, playful one, so he helped their other Bullmastiff come out of their shell. In the beginning, Hoss was the scared one, and then in the end, he’s the one showing others how to be a dog,“ said Erwin.

Hoss is living the dream. He enjoys going to the lake house and playing in the snow with his sister, Sammy.

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