Stray Dogs Were Desperately Asking For Help As Their Friend Was Slowly Drowning

Sometimes, the most beautiful moments can happen so unexpectedly and surprisingly. They say that those are the sweetest, and they cannot be compared to anything else.

However, one of those touching situations is when true friends do everything to save their companion. And, when you experience the same from several pups, it is definitely something special.

So, brace yourself because you will experience a story that will certainly bring back a smile on your face, as well as faith in good people. 

An Unexpected Company

dog on a slide
Source: @trevorcostelloe

It was supposed to be yet another regular working day for YouTube vlogger, Trevor Costelloe, and his friend, Dave. As Trevor’s specialty was recording abandoned places across the country, this time, they decided to go to an abandoned water park in San Diego. 

When they came to the entrance of the park, the police were everywhere, securing the place. They warned them that some places are dangerous and that they should be extra careful. 

Because of that, they weren’t planning to stay at this place for too long… just long enough to record the video and take a few pictures. 

However, as they approached the center of the park, they noticed something rustling in the distance. This park wasn’t abandoned after all. 

dog standing in the middle of the old road
Source: YouTube

When Trevor took a closer look, he realized it was a large, white dog staring at them. Even though they were a little scared since they didn’t know if it was a rabid dog, they couldn’t resist checking things out.

After a minute or two, they were near that place, but the white dog was not there. So, they decided to observe a little pool nearby while they were waiting for the dog to come back. 

After a few minutes, the dog did appear, but his fur wasn’t white. Another dog, a Pit Bull, was watching them. 

Asking For Help

gray dog and guy standing on a sand
Source: YouTube

The duo from San Diego was no longer at all comfortable because the Pit Bull was in an attacking stance. In the moment, they had to decide what to do. 

However, suddenly, the same white dog reappeared from the background and ran up to them. After him, the Pit Bull approached with a light step. 

Both dogs circled around them and seemed to want to tell them something important.

“What is in the water over there”, Trevor asked his friend, Dave, while the Pit Bull was running back in that direction. 

“Ah, there is a dog in there”, Trevor scowled dramatically as he approached the small part of the pool where the dog was drowning. 

The two dogs were just asking for help. They wanted someone to save their friend.

guy helping the dog
Source: YouTube

When he realized he had to act quickly, Trevor immediately ran to the edge of the pool and held out his hand to the dog. With a lot of effort, he managed to pull the dog out and save him from drowning. 

Forever Grateful

When he got hold of the ground, the dog immediately ran to his friends. The Pit Bull and the white dog did not hide their delight that their friend was saved.

two dogs playing
Source: YouTube

All three gave a look of thanks to the man who was responsible for this heroic act. However, the white dog and the saved one immediately ran far away. 

The Pit Bull, on the other hand, as a sign of gratitude, let David and Trevor pet him a little, but when he saw that those two were already far away, he immediately ran after them.

The duo was a little disappointed because these dogs left so abruptly. But, the pride and happiness that they gave a dog a chance to live still prevailed and made them continue their journey with big smiles on their faces. 

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