The woman was led by the noseless dog to the house she had to build because no one wanted her.

 While Crystal Baldwin, a social worker at a school in Baltimore in the United States, was teaching in her classroom, she saw an image through the window that caused her great pain. It was about a pitbull dog snuggled up next to a pay phone in the middle of the night amid the snow.

Crystal decided to go out and help him and it took her about 20 minutes to get close enough to give him some cookies and pet him. The dog, which he named Sienna Rose at the time, had lost part of his snout in a street battle or, worse, as a result of dog fighting, which some people still consider a sport. .

But that’s not the worst part of this story. When the dog acquired confidence and realized she had made a new friend in Crystal, she decided to bring her home. “Her abode was a corner of a cement wall.” The final remains of a burned-out structure.

Thus, half hidden among the rubble and snow, Sienna Rose had the few supplies she had left to survive. Almost empty packs of chips and fried chicken skin “She was so eager to show me her world that I wanted to cry,” Crystal Baldwin told Second Chance.\

Even though it was late and snowing, Crystall was able to contact the Second Chance shelter that took her in later that day. Sienna Rose has had multiple surgeries to repair her face since then and has been handled with great care. Finding a family who feeds her, protects her from the cold and those who wish to harm her, and loves her for the rest of her life would make her even happy.

Look how beautiful she was with the reconstruction of her face:

I think it only remains to cross your fingers that someone will go for her soon.

What did you think of the Sienna Rose story? Would you consider adopting a puppy with a rough past? Remember that there are hundreds of dogs that live on the streets or in shelters and would love to have a permanent home.

6 Most Common Cat Health Problems

Cats are good at self-maintenance. But even your fastidious feline can’t prevent some of these more common cat diseases and health issues.

1. Vomiting

Vomiting is a very common problem with cats with a multitude of causes. They range from eating something poisonous or inedible (like string), to infection, urinary tract disease, or diabetes to hairballs.

2. Feline Lower Urinary Tract Diseases (FLUTD)

TSome estimates say as many as 3% of cats seen by vets have feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD), which is actually a group of feline diseases with multiple causes.

List bellow:

Drinking more

Straining to urinate

Bloody urine

Urinating in unusual places

Crying when urinating

Licking around the urinary area (often because of pain)

3. Fleas

Fleas are a very common external feline health problem. But it’s one you can easily treat. Signs your cat has fleas include:

Flea dirt on its skin (they look like tiny black dots)

Constant scratching

Frequent licking

Red or irritated skin

Hair loss

Skin infections or hot spots

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