Dog chased police car and climbed out window for food

The puppy just wanted something to eat, to which the agents did the following

Dogs are not animals that deserve to live on the street, fighting to support themselves. As they are domestic animals, they do not easily adapt to the hostile life they must face when they are abandoned. Therefore, they are in constant danger on the street. But they also understand that they must find a way to get out of that place, when they are left stranded. For which they try to get the attention of the people they meet, in order to try to get them to adopt them. They even go so far as to chase people to give them some food and take them with them.

This is what this dog did on the streets of Turkey, which was seen chasing a police patrol. As if he was trying to get the attention of the officers so that they would take it. They offered him some food and took him out of there, to take him to a safe place. As can be seen in a video published on a news channel.

The dog ran after the police vehicle and one of the officers inside the car recorded it with his phone. When at one point he manages to get to the car, the puppy leans out the window with its paws on the door. To be more direct with the officers and they will take you into account.

Luckily, the officials got out and gave the dog something to eat. It is not just any dog. Rather, it is a dog that they have seen very frequently weeks before on the streets and that surprisingly recognized them. They decided to call it Sari, which means yellow in Turkish, in reference to the color of its hair. I am sure that the dog will receive more help from now on, since he is known by almost everyone in the town.

Below you can see the video where this puppy appears on the news chasing the patrol car:

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